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There is so much to be done for those in aged care who are not lucky enough to be in a wonderful environment, where food — and the way it’s presented — is of huge importance.

What I want to do is to find all the great exponents of aged care, so we can celebrate them with the acknowledgement they deserve from a food interested group; the Foundation.

I’ve seen and heard so much about the negative side of aged care, so I’m putting it out there: I want to hear good ideas and experiences that can be shared.

There are many providers and many cooks and chefs who do have a love of food and an understanding of how vital that joy of looking forward to a meal is, and there are others wanting to do more, but frustrated by the many complex issues which can overload management. This can easily result in expedient decisions being made instead of the basic premise where the kitchen is the heart of the home. By coming together and sharing the positive stories and ideas, we can make change together.

The Foundation is all about the pulling together of research that is in the world domain, but difficult to find in one place, as to how to make life better for those who are in conditions we would not accept ourselves.

This is not an easy journey as it’s an incredibly complex issue, however there is no better way to be a catalyst for change than by making it a conversation for the whole community.

I have gathered around me a committed Board for the Foundation, all with skills I’m in awe of , and over the last two to three years I have found a group of committed passionate people in all areas of aged care, all of whom want to make a difference to the quality of life of residents and aged people needing care in the community. I feel it’s like a huge jigsaw with pieces that we can pull together over time to make a wonderful picture that we can be proud of.

I hope you’re interested in being part of this journey with me.

How can you help?

All donations made will be put towards the Maggie Beer Foundation's Strategic Plan which can be found here here

We engage with various universities and other professional research organisations to assess the journey we embark on with a small number of facilities, each of which has quite a different starting point with numbers, food offerings and affordability.

Through this research we will produce practical, real-world guides, principles and procedures that will give a better quality of life for those who need it. By publishing and distributing these, we'll ensure as many people as possible can benefit from this important work.

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